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Of 104,414 guys and you can 106,859 feminine aged 15–44 on the 1990 census 1 % microsample, 0

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step one Due to the fact i select e household and you will report a comparable season out-of earliest wedding, we are really not in a position to become information regarding the initial marriages ones which experienced splitting up or widowhood. Its lack of information regarding earlier partners of your own earlier married inhibits all of us of and information on very first marriages for those dudes and you will feminine. The absence of information on the age/year where the prior relationships demolished additionally the ages/seasons of remarriage along with necessitates that we limit our very own attract so you can very first marriage ceremonies. The brand new apparently reasonable prevalence out-of remarriages for the Korea produces so it less off a constraint than simply it would be in other societies. 9 % of men and you can 2.step 3 % of females was basically both divorced or widowed. step 3 % regarding 97,170 guys and you can % regarding 97,888 women aged fifteen–forty two were either divorced otherwise widowed (authors’ tabulations).

dos More especially, the new availability ratio stands for the brand new ratio out-of haphazard activities who does cover guys of a given ages and degree for females away from confirmed age and you will education (and you may the other way around), therefore the push out-of destination shows the speed off experience plus the proportion of them experiences one end in marriage (Qian and you can Preston ). Due to the fact encounters regarding the ple, since the spheres out of hobby try segregated by the ages and you can instructional attainment and because around the globe marriages usually are set-up because of the brokers-it is very important keep in mind that new push off interest reflects these characteristics of your own relationship sector along with the tendency having a given sorts of stumble on to result in marriage.

step three Because of the tiny level of in the world marriage ceremonies with it, we really do not assess brand new relevant counterfactual prices to own Korean women.

In the 2010 investigation, dos

cuatro It is critical to understand that this type of man-made cohort procedures reflect alterations in both quantum and you can speed from earliest marriage.

5 Even though the substantive magnitude of them variations seems small, seen and you will counterfactual pricing are statistically different between age 30–44 for everyone but several organizations (35- so you can 39-year-dated junior college attendees and you will 40- to help you 49-year-old school attendees; overall performance maybe not found).


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