November 9, 2023

Early in the day account with the autistic faculties regarding general population possess created the clear presence of sex distinctions [18, 19, 42, 47]

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Since Desk six indicates, Basis I contains four section: Emotional Reactivity, Perseveration and you can Concern (confident loadings), Endurance and you may Briskness (negative loadings). Factor II was created upwards of Sociability, Hobby (of FCB-TI) (self-confident loadings), and you may AQ (bad loading). The next basis made Rage, Distress and you can Activity (EAS-TS) (self-confident loadings). To each other, these types of situations told me 60% of your own full variance of your measured details.


The outcomes of the introduce analysis prove the clear presence of multiple dating ranging from temperament as measured of the FCB-TI and you can EAS-TS and you may autistic faculties, counted of the AQ , when you look at the a sample throughout the general people. Correlation data presented overall take to revealed that most of demeanor proportions (to the exceptions away from Nerve Sensitiveness away from FCB-TI and you may Craft away from EAS-TS) were somewhat correlated which have autistic characteristics. Self-confident correlations had been discovered that have Emotional Reactivity, Perseveration (off FCB-TI), Worry, Worry and you will Anger (EAS-TS), if you’re negative ones have been discover that have Hobby, Briskness, Success (FCB-TI) and you may Sociability (EAS-TS). All these correlations was in fact reasonable, since the do not require exceeded 0.4, even though for a couple of size of temperament (Hobby from FCB-TI and you may Sociability away from EAS-TS) it reached you to top.

The relationship between AQ and you can Perseveration is also some visible

That is affirmed by our results: autistic traits were conveyed a lot more certainly for the guys. New guidelines away from correlations between AQ and you will attitude recommendations try the new exact same in gender groups. The strongest correlations was perceived regarding the set of guys between AQ and you can such demeanor dimensions counted of the FCB-TI because the Psychological Reactivity, Briskness and you will Passion. In females, the best negative relationship is actually you to anywhere between AQ and you can Craft, followed by an optimistic correlation which have Emotional Reactivity. When it comes to proportions of temperament revealed on the theory off attitude because of the Buss and you will Plomin , autistic characteristics correlated absolutely which have Distress, Worry and you can Outrage, and adversely with Sociability. Only in the case of Pastime had been no extreme relationship discover.

Our very own conclusions cannot be without difficulty compared to most other reports on account of the possible lack of knowledge on the dating anywhere between autistic attributes and you may attitude because discussed into the RTT and Buss and you can Plomin’s means. They show the outcomes off a airplane pilot study in which Zmijewska and Pisula discover an identical correlations ranging from AQ and you will attitude due to the fact laid out by RTT. The conclusions appear to be appropriate for the newest negative relationship stated because of the other boffins ranging from AQ and you may Extraversion, and you can positive correlation ranging from AQ and Neuroticism [19, 21].

Investigation from regression yielded variations in the activities describing AQ get difference certainly women and men. Within the guys, the second variables was indeed the strongest predictors: Emotional Reactivity (FCB-TI, self-confident correlation), Sociability (EAS, bad relationship), Briskness (FCB-TI, bad correlation) and you will Perseveration (FCB-TI, confident relationship). This type of temperamental functions said everything 35% off variance from inside the AQ score. In females, there had been four predictors: Pastime (FCB-TI, negative relationship), Worry (EAS, confident correlation), Sociability (EAS, negative relationship), Nerve Susceptibility (FCB-TI, negative relationship) and you will Perseveration (FCB-TI, self-confident relationship). So it model told me a smaller proportion from get difference with respect so you can autistic characteristics (22%) compared to the you to definitely devised for males.

The connection ranging from AQ and you can Emotional Reactivity seems logical. Predicated on RTT, highly reactive some body work firmly to help you experienced stimuli and tend to be smaller energetic because its physiological apparatus amplifies stimulation. He could be characterized by psychological hyperreactivity, behavioural tightness, personal detachment and you can reduction away from difficult situations. It description try in keeping with the brand new operating of individuals with ASD [step 1, 48, 49], as well as connection having autistic traits looks obvious.

Some one described as high perseveration subsequently have indicated higher emotional susceptibility, diminished survival, and regularly feel mental worry . This will be also the case when you look at the individuals with ASD [50, 51, 52]. Additionally, the newest inclination to own Perseveration is for the visibility of stereotyped, repeated and you may rigid activities off actions, which is also regular for people with ASD [forty-two, 53]. It’s really worth discussing empirical study suggesting one total AQ get is actually certainly synchronised which have proneness so you’re able to fanatical personality .

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