September 9, 2023

After an adolescent girl is based dead, Benson goes undercover as a madam to capture good sex trafficker

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Then the investigators learn the girl was a kid prodigy, perhaps not an excellent prostitute, while the data guides them to her betting-addict dad.

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One’s body away from an early on girl using skimpy attire and you may an effective mix is located in a dock. Warner establishes one she are inactive before she ran from the river, one she try mistreated previously, and that she is has just inside the Ny plus the Ukraine. The fresh new investigators contour that the girl was trafficked for sex. However, whenever their prospects simply take them to a good Ukrainian sex trafficker called Alik, the guy shows that the dead girl wasn’t only nothing away from his, plus you to definitely she was not trafficked anyway; this woman is in the future defined as infant prodigy Elsa Lychkoff. Fin reveals you to definitely you to Elsa decided to go to Morewood, an exclusive boarding college or university which have students that usually go on to esteemed universities also MIT, Cal Technology and you can Harvard.

Wanting to know how Elsa finished up in water, Stabler and you may Benson question the brand new dean off Morewood, just who tells him or her one to Elsa was one of their particular brightest college students and you may involved to track down early choice to help you MIT. She claims one Elsa was a student in the fresh Ukraine to the an exit out-of absence to visit her dying grandma. The dean discovers that Elsa checked out of the university at noon with the Monday and you may was due from inside the this evening. She together with says you to definitely Elsa is close to Jennifer Finance companies, her roomie.

Upon being interviewed, Jennifer claims you to everything you came an easy task to Elsa because of her genius-top IQ hence she scarcely spent when discovering. She along with says one to Elsa often snuck out in the evening, flirted having boys, and outfitted slutty whenever she sought out, even proving Stabler and you can Benson exactly what appears to be their particular gowns.

This new detectives after that speak to Elsa’s parents. Elsa’s dad Joseph says which he is actually the only person who realized his child, and therefore she required her notice nourished because of the most readily useful school. Observing Joseph’s smoking behavior, they inquire about Elsa’s burns off, however, get no place.


Fin tells Stabler and you will Benson you to definitely Jos and Ponzi plans. This new Lychkoffs’ Brasil mulheres other daughter, Katrina, arrives at the newest channel and you will states that their own father is actually abusive to the their own and her sibling. She reveals him or her an area and then he accustomed train her or him using abusive procedures to “turn on the heads”, and you may demonstrates to you that he at some point tossed their over to attention solely on the Elsa whenever she didn’t carry on with. Katrina then says to Stabler and you can Benson one Morewood was just once the bad; they gave their particular dad a healthy and balanced incentive just after signing up Elsa on grant, hence Joseph constantly joined her into the tournaments into honor money; he had been and make Elsa to your family members’ goldmine. Joseph and you may Elsa’s mommy appear, even though the second is thrilled observe Katrina, but Joseph hits their and you can reaffirms their disownment away from their oldest daughter just before Stabler arrests him.

At route, Joseph will continue to rest in the their accomplishments in life with his technology studies, if you find yourself Elsa’s mother reveals happening: Jos, are kicked out of school, then decided to go to the brand new U.S. to have work, never getting their Ph.D. He also set up a bad betting dependency and you will Elsa’s mom are obligated to performs several services to keep your family above-water. When Benson accuses Joseph regarding operating Elsa way too hard and you can beating her to help you death, the guy gets up and begins to defeat his personal walk into the wall when you look at the a distressing anger. Cragen need the brand new medics while the Joseph seats aside.

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