May 12, 2018

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In clinical trials, a broad variety of serious adverse reactions were observed in 1,010 subjects who received pegasys at doses of 180 mcg for 48 weeks, alone or in combination with copegus see boxed warning and warnings and precautions .

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females taking copegus, and the female partners of males taking copegus, must have a pregnancy test each month during treatment and for 6 months after treatment with copegus has stopped.

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copegus, ribavirin, is a nucleoside analogue with antiviral activity.

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copegus was approved in japan on january 26, 2007 and is marketed by chugai pharmaceutical co ltd.

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because cardiac disease may be worsened by drug-induced anemia, patients with a history of significant or unstable cardiac disease should not use copegus see boxed warning and dosage and administration .

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